Johnny Depp Gets Even Creepier with ‘The Night Stalker’

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp is working in the developmental stages of a handful of projects right now…and as you may have guessed, they’re all pretty weird. Yesterday, we revealed his interest in adapting In the Hand of Dante with Julian Schnabel. And, of course, there’s the inevitable fifth Pirates film. But aside from those projects, he’s got three more brewing.

Depp is in the works to remake the TV movie (and series adaptation) The Night Stalker, which follows journalist Carl Kolchak on an investigation of murders committed by vampires. Presumably, Depp will play Kolchak.

But being a vampire hunter isn’t quite good enough—in Dark Shadows, Depp is playing Barnabis Collins: A VAMPIRE. He’s got two vampire movies currently in development. Isn’t that a little much? And you can bet he’ll be a particularly flamboyant, aristocratic and darkly offbeat vampire, because Dark Shadows will be directed by Depp’s partner-in-crime (I mean that pretty literally), Tim Burton.

Swaying away from the fantasy genre, Depp is also working on a Paul Revere film, presumably about the pioneer’s famous Midnight Ride. Working on the script is the writing team that brought us Batman Forever, Lee and Janet Batchler. Theoretically, this one won’t have vampires. Theoretically.

So what will be the next Johnny Depp we see? The generally-welcomed Jack Sparrow? A super-post-modern Dante Alighieri? A vampire-hunting man? A vampire, hunting man? Or a colonial-era horseman?

He’s got a lot of ambitious…let’s hope he revisits his Fear and Loathing glory in The Rum Diary so I can amp up my excitement for some of these projects.

Source: Indiewire