Johnny Depp Offered Lead in ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’


Johnny DeppWhat do you do when you court someone as talented and sexy as Tom Hardy for a lead role, only to find that his schedule won’t allow for it? How do you come back from that? You get the biggest name in the sexy, smoldering, and talented leading man category: Johnny Depp.

That’s exactly what Universal is trying to do for their upcoming take on the classic Snow White tale, Snow White and The Huntsman. The studio was originally after Hardy to play the role of the Hunstman, but he’s already made plans to reunite with Inception director Christopher Nolan for The Dark Knight Rises around the same time that Snow White will begin filming. Now, they’re hoping Depp can fill in where the newly popular hunk couldn’t.

Depp would play the man, who is hired by the evil Queen to track down Snow White but changes his mind when he realizes the Queen intends to murder the beautiful young girl. The film would focus greatly on him assisting in her escape, and as tempting as Mr. Depp is, there will still be a Prince Charming at the end of the tunnel for Miss White.

Universal has also mentioned the possibility of casting Angelina Jolie as the evil queen, which would be kind of perfect. Her schedule may conflict though, because she’s actually working on bringing another Disney villainess to life in Tim Burton’s Maleficent.

While I’d be happy to see Jolie take part, I’m more concerned about Johnny’s decision. The film schedule could conflict with an upcoming Tim Burton project, and if that happens, the hunt for another huntsman will begin. If he does take on the role, I think we can look forward to another Jack Sparrow-style adventure – just swap Keira Knightly and the high seas for another girl and the forest. Besides, he needs to do something to redeem his questionable choice to play the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s so-so rendition of Alice in Wonderland. (That jig is something I just can’t unsee.)

Source: IndieWire

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