Johnny Depp Poised to Sign for ‘Pirates 5’

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides may have been roundly reviled by critics – its Rotten Tomatoes rating ranks as the series’ worst – but that hasn’t stopped audiences from gobbling it up to the tune of over $1 billion worldwide. (I blame the foreigners.) And so it comes as little surprise to learn from The Wrap that star Johnny Depp is in talks to sleepwalk through reprise his signature role of prancing swashbuckler Jack Sparrow in a fifth installment of Disney’s blockbuster franchise.

Well, it’s a little surprising, if only because Depp showed clear signs of franchise fatigue in PotC 4. The actor, normally accustomed to fawning praise, received uncharacteristically unkind reviews for his performance in the film, with critics calling him “bored” and “distracted.” Still, dollar signs have a way of perking people up, and Depp will no doubt see a number of them when he suits up to play Captain Jack for the fifth time. According to The Wrap, he’s already earned nearly $350 million for the four films to date — more than enough to compensate for whatever credibility he’s sacrificed in the process. Artistic integrity is ephemeral; islands are forever.

Source: The Wrap