Johnny Depp Putting Together, Possibly Starring in a Dr. Seuss Biopic

johnny depp To a great deal of people, this man means a lot.

He’s a man who will certainly not be forgot.

His name’s Theodor Geisel, known well as Dr. Seuss.

He’s a man of great wisdom, not hardly obtuse.

And he must mean a lot to ol’ Johnny Depp:

a dapper young scrap with a pep in his step.

Many a film does this Johnny produce.

And now he’ll produce one of ol’ Dr. Seuss.

Ol’ Johnny as’ Geisel—a wonderful match!

To play this dear writer, ol’ Depp is a natch!

The project is young still, not quite underway.

But if Depp has his way, then we’ll see it some day.

And a film about Seuss? This is long overdue!

The man who imbued us with many a Hoo.

So celebrate, all, this splendiforous news.

A movie, by Johnny, about Dr. Seuss.

In case that wasn’t clear, Johnny Depp is putting together (to possibly star in) a biopic about Dr. Seuss. Nothing is cemented yet, but Depp is apparently dedicated to the idea. In the past, Depp has starred in biopic films about writers including , J.M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan (in Finding Neverland), satirist John Wilmot (in The Libertine), and Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, based on the Gonzo journalist’s book of the same name; Depp will also be starring in the upcoming Thompson adaptation The Rum Diary, in theaters October 28). Keep your ear out for news on this development; it could be a real winner.

Source: Indiewire