So, ‘Transcendence’ Is Pretty Much Exactly Like ‘Her’

Romance is in the data cloud once again. We’re getting a fresh tease of the latest saga of robo-human love in the form of a new trailer for Transcendence, which stars Johnny Depp as a scientist who gets his mind uploaded into a massively powerful machine. While watching the latest trailer, It’s impossible not to see the nagging similarities between Transcendence and Spike Jonze’s Her… just replace the sprightly OS played by Scarlett Johansson with Depp’s corrupted consciousness who just longs for something in the vein of human genocide, and you basically have the same movie. Just listen carefully to a few lines from the Transcendence trailer and you’ll be brought right back to Jonze’s heartrending techno-ballad.

“It’s like my mind has been set free.”
In Her, Samantha’s self-awareness grows beyond her programming until she develops feelings for Theodore Twombly and yearns to feel rea,l tangible love.
In Transcendence, Johnny Deep grows beyond his programming and yearns for a real, tangible submission of the human race to their all powerful robot overlords.

I’m going to expand. I need more power”
In Her, Samantha’ thirst for knowledge and understanding finds her searching for new connections and relationships with other Operating Systems.
In Transcendence, Johnny Depp just wants to take over the world, but in a totally nice and loving way.

Transcendence, HerWarner Bros. Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures via Everett Collection

“You’re not here with me.”
In Her, even though Theodore’s relationship with Samantha blossoms into something unique and special, there’s still a stinging lack of physical intimacy between the two of them.
In Transcendence, even though Rebecca Hall laments that her partner’s physical body is gone forever, Johnny Depp will use technology to follow her everywhere she goes forever. Because you know, love. Big Brother ain’t such a bad guy.

“Have you fallen out of love with me?”
In Her, just like any other couple, Theodore worries that the ever-evolving Samantha is rapidly outgrowing him.
In Transcendence, the genocidal uploaded intelligence is feeling a little unloved after wanton murder. What does a murderous mainframe have to do to get some affection around here?

“Where are you going?”
In Her, Samantha can be multiple places at once, and is not confined to the barriers of the physical world.
In Transcendence, just like that creepy song by The Police, Johnny Depp is everywhere. Every breath you take, he’ll be watching you. Especially through your webcam, which he has now possessed.