Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum: ‘Don’t Do Fictional Drugs’

ALT There was a golden age of television where casts of the latest and greatest shows would do their civil duties and appear in relevant public service announcements, swaying their young fanbase away from whatever threat was lurking on the dangerous streets of their suburban neighborhood at the time. Back in the late ’80s, the cast of 21 Jump Street—including the young, too-cool-for-school Johnny Depp—took a stance against substance abuse (“Drugs can really mess you up.” “Well if anyone needs help and feels like talking about it, call 1-800-COCAINE.) in a corny, but sweet PSA. So it’s only fitting that for the show’s latest incarnation, the big screen version of 21 Jump Street that hits theaters this weekend, March 16, the cast would rise to the occasion and record their own anti-drug video.

Thanks to the folks at Funny or Die, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Rob Riggle were able to take time out of their busy schedules to raise awareness of fictional drug substance abuse. In the film, Hill and Tatum’s undercover cop characters investigate a new street drug called HFS (abbreviating the expletive reaction one exclaims while taking the drug). But as the trio will describe in this video, fictional drugs are no laughing matter. Fresh-faced Johnny Depp isn’t around to help really drive home the point, but if there are few men as well-versed in ridiculously named drugs as these three gents.

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