Jonah Hill Steps Up To Direct ‘The Kitchen Sink’

Jonah HillFor the most part, actors tend to make decent directors, especially comedic actors. Sure, we might get an occasional Danny DeVito and Duplex but we also get Ben Stiller and Tropic Thunder. Actors have a natural advantage behind the camera as they have been in front of it plenty and are able to speak the language. Which is why I’m especially stoked for Jonah Hill stepping up for The Kitchen Sink.

Hill has signed on to direct the script that was featured on the 2010 Black List. While this is his first directing gig, Hill has branched out recently having co-written the script for his adaptation of 21 Jump Street. Add on that he costars with Brad Pitt in September’s Moneyball and the kid who just wanted to buy some aquarium high heels in The 40-Year-Old Virgin has grown up quite a bit.

Now The Kitchen Sink is a twist on the zombie, vampire, and alien story because every fucking zombie, alien, and vampire story these days are twists. It’s a moot point saying this new story is a twist on the classic because every story is a twist on the classic. This is just the first one that has these three particularly together. But that’s besides the point. What is the point that in the film humans team up with the vampires and zombies to defeat the invading aliens. While I’m excited to see what Hill will do with the material, I’m not so sure about the story. I wish I could take credit for this critique, but I can’t. Deadline commenter “Winning Always” (ha) brought up the really good point that “wouldn’t it make more sense for the teenagers to befriend the aliens to defeat the zombies and vampires? The aliens are technologically advanced and could offer humanity great benefits in terms of progress whereas the vampires and zombies only want to destroy humans and convert them to their respective anti-human obsessions. […] Clearly the aliens are the better team to be on in this.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Source: Deadline