Josh Brolin Officially Cast in Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

Josh BrolinAs we reported last month, Josh Brolin was being considered for the lead role in Spike Lee’s ambitious remake of the South Korean action-thriller Oldboy. After a good deal of praying, collecting four-leaf clovers, and the strenuous avoidance of ladder-tunnels, we can now happily report that the role is officially Brolin’s.

The film will see Brolin kidnapped and held in captivity for fifteen years before embarking upon a bloody revenge path against those who captured him. Prepare to experience some traumatizing glory.

The only people who might take issue with this news are those who had hoped to see Christian Bale in the lead role. Bale has been considering Oldboy as one one of his many potential post-Dark Knight Rises projects. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Bale will be absent from the film. Perhaps he’ll take on the role as the captor being sought by Brolin? Just picture it: an Evil Christian Bale versus a Good (but really, really angry) Josh Brolin could be a cinematic masterpiece.

Although that last part is just speculation, this movie does have quite a pit of optimism attached to it. Josh Brolin has yet to taste failure as a performer, and Oldboy does not seem like a role he won’t launch to the gods.

Source: Deadline