Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler Join Road-Trip Comedy ‘Scenic Route’

10278762.jpgComedy lovers, the big-screen pairing you’ve been waiting for is finally coming to fruition. reports that Josh Duhamel (New Year’s Eve, the Transformers trilogy) and Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury) will join forces for Scenic Route, a comedy in which they’ll play “two former college buddies who go on a road trip and become stranded in the desert.” One’s mind reels at the comic sparks that will fly when Duhamel’s irresistible force meets Fogler’s immovable object, with the hot desert sun there to stoke the flames of their screwball rivalry. Anyone who’s seen Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours knows that such a scenario is a fertile recipe for hilarity. The potential for this project is, literally, limitless.

No doubt toasting their good fortune as we speak are Kevin and Michael Goetz, who will direct Scenic Route from a script by Kyle Killen (The Beaver). 


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