Josh Gad Becomes a Sex Addict in ‘Thanks for Sharing’

Josh GadWhen you hear the phrases “sexual addiction” and “that guy from The Rocker” teamed together, you’re ordinarily going to prepare for a comedic result. But Stuart Blumberg is a magician who aims to thwart everything you believe the be true.

Josh Gad, who you’ll recognize from movies The Rocker and Love and Other Drugs and from the Jon Stewart-approved Broadway musical The Book of Mormon (and hopefully the upcoming film adaptation), is slated to join the new dramedy Thanks for Sharing. The film will be the directorial debut for Stuart Blumberg, who wrote The Kids are All RightThe Girl Next Door and Keeping the Faith to varying degrees of quality (and humor).

Gad’s role is suspected to be a soulful and dramatic one, as a matter of fact, which will be a departure for the actor. Furthermore, it seems that Blumberg is getting more and more dramatic as the years go on. Keeping the Faith was a pretty upbeat whimsy. The Girl Next Door, while more than anything else a comedy, had its share of sincerity (I don’t care what you say, Roger Ebert, I liked that movie). And last year’s The Kids are All Right was a family drama, albeit primarily a light one. One consistency in each of these films, as well as in Thanks for Sharing, is that sex is a theme in the forefront. But of course, that could mean anything.

Joining Gad in Blumberg’s film are Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow and Joely Richardson

Source: Indiewire

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