Josh Schwartz Will Make Directing Debut with ‘Fun Size’

Josh SchwartzTV big shot Josh Schwartz isn’t announcing that he’s bringing another addicting television to show to the boob tube (sorry OC and Gossip Girl fans). Instead, he’s heading into a different arena, making his feature film directorial debut with a Halloween-themed comedy called Fun Size.

He and his longtime partner in success, Stephanie Savage, are producing the film which follows a sarcastic teenage girl who begrudgingly takes her little brother trick-or-treating. Of course, it all goes wrong when she loses him and must find the poor, defenseless child before her mother finds out. Oh no! She might get yelled at and that would be the WORST. Right? Oh, wait you mean there is actual danger for small children whose chaperones lose track of them? Oh you mean we probably shouldn’t joke about this? Good thing this movie is a comedy, right? RIGHT?

Despite the misgivings we may have about the realistic elements that may or may not be a part of the plot, this whole thing kind of reminds me of a little movie called Labyrinth. It starred a little lady named Jennifer Connelly as a bratty teenage girl who has to babysit her little brother but ends up losing him to the Goblin King (David Bowie) and she must get him back before her parents come home. Yeah, good luck competing with that story without David Bowie or goblins.

All that aside, I’m sure Schwartz will tap into what he knows best, the addicting storyline. Whether or not we like it, he does know how to deliver content that keeps us coming back for more. (Case and point: my dangerous addiction to Gossip Girl. I’m finally rid of the habit – three whole months!) Let’s just hope he can jazz up this pedestrian storyline a bit.

Source: Hollywood Reporter