Julianne Hough Will Befriend Russell Brand in New Diablo Cody Film

Russell BrandDiablo Cody!

Okay, now that you’re all gathered ’round, listen up: we’ve got ourselves a new Diablo Cody movie on the horizons, according to Comingsoon. The rocketlaser of a screenwriter that gave us Juno, the TV series United States of Tara, and the upcoming Charlize Therone-starrer Young Adult, will take on the directorial role in this new project. And that splendor aside, the film will take what is arguably the greatest framework for a cinematic story: the unlikely friendship. Final installment of glee: the starring pair consists of Julianne Hough (the Footloose remake’s breakout winner) and Russell Brand (who, much like a tiger shark, cannot stop moving or he’ll die).

Incidentally, both of these people will also be in Rock of Ages. So there’s that.

Hough will play a naive, sheltered young woman with a heavy dose of divine faith at the beginning of the film. After a plane crash, Hough’s character will rearrange her values and set forth on a free-wheeling quest to Las Vegas. And who better to instruct her on the ways of free-wheelery than Russell Brand. But Brand’s character has more to offer than just tips on the finer points of hedonism. Hearts will be warmed. Laughs will be out-louded. Never before will you have seen a film that truly captures the bizarre, painful and magical phenomenon that is friendship. Except maybe here.