Listen Up, Little Britches: ‘The Jungle Book’ Is Getting a Live-Action Reboot

Credit: Disney

Sure, sure, “Bear Necessities” is the more recognizable number, but I will defend to the death the honor of King Louie’s “I Wan’na Be Like You,” one of the greatest songs in Disney animation history. No matter where you stand on this fiery debacle, you’re sure to be fond of The Jungle Book, one of the more timeless gems from Walt’s classic era. Which means you’re sure to have mixed feelings about a live action reboot of the Rudyard Kipling source material, the announcement of which was made by The Hollywood Reporter. But then again, what don’t we all have mixed feelings about these days? I guess we’re pretty steadfast on Nutella, but otherwise the life is moreover nebulous. 

In any event, the new film will be written by Justin Marks, who has crafted the scripts on a handful of shorts and TV movies, as well as on the 2009 film Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-Li. And when I think the whimsical adventures of a young orphan through a fantastical Indian jungle, I think Chris Klein doing video game martial arts.

So we’re already getting off to an iffy start, but let’s hold out hope — Kipling’s literature is masterful enough to lend to a number of great visions packing disparate charms. And hey, a real life bear playing Baloo does sound like a pretty good time.

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