Does ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer Look Good Ridiculous or Bad Ridiculous?

We’ve been waiting a long time for this one — the first original Wachowski project since the termination of the Matrix trilogy. We’ve heard only nebulous synopses and contextual tidbits since the project was announced, knowing only (thanks to the Wachowski stamp) that it would be BIG. The Matrix was big. Cloud Atlas was big. V for Vendetta, which the pair helped to pen, was pretty big. And though it spans galaxies and envelops the fate of existence altogether, the first trailer for Jupiter Ascending makes it look surprisingly personal and intimate. But those aren’t the only adjectives that come to mind.

It also looks a little bit ridiculous. When embraced, this can work. The imagery of the trailer brings to mind flashy, ornate sci-fi/fantasies, notably the effusively goofy The Fifth Element. But is this what the Wachowskis want? 

Jupiter Ascending,

Fans of The Matrix movies alone might be shocked at the zaniness inherent in the frames of the Jupiter Ascending trailer. The dark and stern story of Neo rarely, if ever, dripped into a state of levity. But Cloud Atlas was imbued with a great deal of merriment — the epic film’s lighter segments ranged from sappy sentimentality to outright wacky humor. And since stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are both known as skilled comedic actors, we’re inclined to believe that the brow-raising character of the new trailer is wholly intended.

At least, we hope.