Another Reason Why Justin Timberlake Can’t Do an *NSYNC Tour: He’s Producing a Remake of ‘The Idolmaker’

Justin TimberlakeWENN

“Sorry, guys, I can’t do an *NSYNC reunion tour,” Justin Timberlake stammered sheepishly on Sunday night, following his performance with old pals Lance, JC, Greek Wedding, and the other one. “I’m, uh, uh…” (darting his eyes around the room nervously) “…producing a movie. Yeah, that’s it! Producing a movie!” And, abiding by the rules of the sanctified Three’s Company, Timberlake is going to all odds to make his alibi airtight: he actually IS producing a movie! The Wrap reports that the musician/actor is in negotiations to step behind the developing film The Idolmaker.

The project, a remake of director Taylor Hackford’s 1980 biopic of Bob Marcucci, was originally set to star Timberlake’s fellow pop culture demigod and Mickey Mouse Club graduate Ryan Gosling, before the Only God Forgives star pulled out of production altogether. At this time, Timberlake is only in talks with MGM to handle the film, and there is no word on whether or not he’ll take a part in front of the camera. But if he does, let’s hope for something a little more Social Network and a little less Trouble with the Curve.

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