‘Kane & Lynch’ Film Delayed

Bruce WillisLooks like the world will have to move on without another video game based movie. Whatever shall we do?

Kane and Lynch was supposed to be a typical game-turned-action-flick. Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx were signed on to star (not sure who was supposed to be who, but come on, who cares?). Patrick Alessandrin (District 13: Ultimatum) was said to be directing, but left the project as suddenly as he came aboard.  Though filming was scheduled to start  next month and financing and pre-production was underway, Alessandrin’s departure has now stalled the project.

Production company Millennium Films and distributor Lionsgate are actively searching for a replacement to helm the adaptation of the best-selling game, which would likely garner a hard R rating what with the guns and girls and all. Presumably, Willis and Foxx are still attached but there is no word whether they’ll stick around while filmmakers like F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuqua and Wayne Kramer are courted for directing duties. 

Now look, I’m all for branded material being converted into movie. I think video games make an excellent source for films. It has to be done correctly, of course. But Kane and Lynch? Really? With a cheesy pun for a name and a plot that itself is derived from bloody action films from yesteryear, why make this into a movie? It’s not like this demanded the conversion; are they scraping the bottom of the barrel? I doubt even the hard-core Kane and Lynch fans out there are this upset about it. Do we really need another Max Payne?

Source: LA Times