Kate Beckinsale Charged With ‘Contraband’

Kate BeckinsaleKate Beckinsale has signed on to star with Mark Wahlberg in the imported Icelandic thriller Contraband. No word yet on if she’ll ever return my calls. Must keep faith.

The film will be directed by Baltasar Kormakur, the star and producer of the original film. Wahlberg has been attached to the project for about a year since it’s announcement. The original was Iceland’s submission to the 2009 foreign film Oscar race.

Producers have changed the title of the film to Contraband from the original, Reykjavik-Rotterdam. Perhaps they thought the original might confuse potential audience members. One wonders where Hollywood producers would get such an idea. If we can handle Eyjafjallajokull, then we can handle something that sounds like a gated neighborhood. It’s simply fjarstæður. Am I right?

The plot focuses on smugglers blah blah one last job blah blah tricky friend yada yada Kate Beckinsale! The last part is all we need to focus on right now. Basically it’s another film which means we get to see more of her and she might see this and find out that she has been missing my calls and totally get back to me. Yes, I know she has a husband. Minor detail.

Source: Latino Review