Kate Mara (‘House of Cards’ Mara, Not ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Mara) Joins Johnny Depp in ‘Transcendence’

Kate Mara

It seems that Transcendence will stop at nothing to have a Mara. Just because things didn’t work out with Social Network breakout and Dragon Tattoo star Rooney, who was up for a major role in Wally Pfister’s developing sci-fi, that doesn’t mean it can’t get its Mara fix elsewhere: how about her sister Kate? Yes, yes, that’ll do just fine, the Johnny Depp picture murmurs while stroking a Persian longhair. And the villainous film has gotten its wish: Deadline reports Kate Mara, who fans will recognize from the Netflix original series House of Cards, is taking a role in Transcendence.

As it stands, we know very little about the Christopher Nolan-produced film, including the sort of character Mara will be embodying. In fact, all we really know is that Depp will be playing an ingenious scientist whose mind is transported into a computer (a plot like that and Uprising recurrer Mara on board? Maybe they should call this thing TRON-Scendence!).

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While the 30-year-old actress has not achieved the stardom of her franchise-leading younger sister, Mara has a few impressive credits to her name. From her teen years on, she amounted the likes of independent winners Joe the KingTadpole, and Happythankyoumoreplease (maybe they should call this thing Tran-Sundance!). 

In addition to Depp, the cast is also made up of strong performers like Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall… wait a sec. Mara, Bettany and Hall in this movie? They should just call this thing Iron-MANscendence!

So it’s decided. That’s what they’ll call it.

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