Kate Upton in ‘Three Stooges’: Catholic League Is Nun Too Pleased

Kate UptonThere are bound to be those who aren’t on board with The Three Stooges. It treads in a few controversial territories. Slapstick is a polarizing form of comedy. Remakes are always very hit or miss. But you might not have expected the new Farrelly Brothers movie to actually have religious repercussions.

The Three Stooges features a cast of supporting actors playing a group of nuns that run the orphanage at which the Stooges grow up. The Catholic Church has taken issue with the depiction of these nuns, specifically those portrayed by swimsuit model Kate Upton and Curb Your Enthusiasm star and creator Larry David.

In a poolside scene, the nun played by Upton, lives up to her actress’ primary line of work and dons a very skimpy bathing suit. The Catholic League, as represented by President Bill Donahue, has expressed its feelings about the impropriety with this image.

David’s character presents a different issue. The nun he plays is the angry, occasionally malicious Sister Mary-Mengele, named as a play on Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele. The Catholic League has voiced resentment regarding the association of a nun character with such a despicable historical figure.


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