Kate Winslet Says ‘Bond 23’ With Sam Mendes Still Happening

Kate WinsletEven though this has no official word behind it besides what the ex-wife of the director has said, we’re still inclined to believe it is true because I hope we live in a world where we can trust Kate Winslet. Because if we do not live in a such a world, I’m afraid I don’t want to be a part of it. If we can’t trust Kate Winslet, then who, pray tell, can we trust? No one, exactly. And since I want to go on believing that people are good and true (and that Intellect and Romance triumphs over Brute Force and Cynicism) I will believe what Kate Winslet has said: that Sam Mendes is still directing the next James Bond film and will begin shooting at the end of next year.

Think for a moment about the implications of what this would mean if it were not true. It would mean that Kate Winslet has lied to us. Think about that. Kate Winslet. Lied. I don’t really want to even think about it, but it’s a harsh reality we have to consider, much like hoarding jugs of water for the impending Zombie Apocalypse. It sends shivers down my spine, but I think we’re the better for it. We’ve looked at the possibilities, we’ve seen the world through the eyes of a lying Kate Winslet, and we have come through unharmed. Long live the world of the truth-saying Kate Winslet.

Other things she said revolving around the 23rd installment of the franchise is that Mendes and producers have looked at British stage thespian Simon Russell Beale for a possible role which could conceivably be the bad guy. Again, I choose to believe this is true but in all honesty it’s not that big of a stretch. They go for a British guy with serious acting chops to play a bad guy? Surely you must be joking. She also said that she is moving her kids to London for this film and that she will not have a part in it.

And I know it seems crazy to have my entire perception of the world shaped around the mutterings of some British actress talking about her husband’s job, but stranger things have happened. Like this. Which was awesome.

Source: IndieWire