Katherine Heigl Won’t Know Who Anyone Is in ‘Face Blind’

Katherine HeiglTo anyone who has ever said, “That Katherine Heigl is the cat’s pajamas, but there’s no chance in France that she can play a woman who can’t distinguish people by their faces,” your eerily specific challenge is about to be met. Heigl, who has become to romantic comedies what Samuel L. Jackson is to movies that have yelling, has been cast as the star of Face Blind, about a doctor who is afflicted with an as-of-yet unspecified disorder.

Update: She’s face blind.

Heigl’s character is a psychologist who becomes the new victim of a man who has been stalking one of her patients. For non-prosopagnosiacs, this is a stressful enough scenario. But for those of us (Heigl’s character, neuroscientist Oliver Sacks, artist Chuck Close, primatologist Jane Gooddall) who suffer from face blindness, the danger is amplified by the dozens. To make matters worse, Heigl’s character’s husband begin to suspect that his wife is crazy in the midst of her whole “being stalked by a lunatic who is taking advantage of my crippling brain disorder” thing. He must be a real catch.

In 2011, Julien Magnat directed Milla Jovovich in Faces in the Crowd, a similar story about a woman with face blindess trying to avoid the wrath of a violent maniac. The subject matter has plenty of room for divergent manifestations. And we all know that, even without being able to see her attacker coming, Milla Jovovich would take him down no problem. Heigl’s casting might lend to a bit more suspense.

Source: Deadline