Katy Perry and Lookalike Sister: Bikinis and Bungee-Jumping in New Clip

If your sister was a world-famous multimillionaire pop star, what would your life be like? Based on the new clip from Katy Perry‘s upcoming 3D movie, Part of Me, it would be filled with water slides, bungee-jumping and being spoon-fed by your famous sister. So, basically, it would be awesome.  
Perry has said that the big-screen docu-concert is “the most intimate I’ve ever been. I mean that in a non-sexual way … I mean it in a vulnerable way.” And it’s definitely delivering glimmers of that in the teasers. 
Here are five things we learned from the minute-long clip:
1. Katy’s sister, Angela, looks freakishly like her. 
2. Angela works with Katy.
3. Katy wears big, dangly earrings to the water park. 
4. Angela is scared of heights (but Katy makes her bungee jump).
5. Angela turns green after bungee jumping.
Part of Me hits theaters on July 5. Check out the exclusive clip from Yahoo below.

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