Katy Perry’s Grandma Reveals All in ‘Part of Me 3D’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Katy Perry could have delivered a straight-up 3D concert film with her new movie Part of Me, but along with eye-popping footage of her stage show, the singer decided to splice in a glimpse into her own history. Chronicling one’s own life can be a difficult task — how do you stay honest and critical? — but Perry makes a wise choice: enlisting the help of her grandmother. Perry’s wonderfully sassy grandma is a highlight of the film, never afraid to pull back the curtain on Perry’s childhood. Adjectives Perry’s Grandma Ann uses to describe her include “silly,” “beautiful,” “show-off,” and “awful.” Adjective we use for Grandma Ann: “hilarious.”

Check out this exclusive new extended clip from Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, which hits theaters July 5.


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