Keanu Reeves Teases ‘Bill & Ted 3’

Oh, Keanu. You silly little tease. I know you’re sad and think that another Bill & Ted will make everything better, but will it truly make you happier? I know dozens of fans that would cheer at the thought of the Wyld Stallions shredding it up, but would you take gratification to being a 50-year-old stoner rocker? Maybe, who am I to say. I’m just worried about you, Keanu. Don’t let all your happiness reside in one potential movie.

All shenanigans aside, if Bill & Ted 3 ever happens the story Keanu teased sounds somewhat legit. Bill & Ted were told that they would write a song that would change the world. That kind of knowledge is quite a burden. How could you ever hope to write a song good enough to literally change the world? That would give me some serious writer’s block. So their solution is rather elegant: time travel. Works for me (assuming that this actually gets made).

Source: ComingSoon