Keira Knightley Joins Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘The Imitation Game,’ Which Sounds Appropriately British

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There’s just something about those British accents. We love to hear them narrating nature documentaries, lambasting the establishment in punk rock ballads, and professing their desire for the throne on HBO dramas. And movies? Just toss anything from a cockney lilt to a Downtonian affect onto the big screen, and we’re sold. In the latest crumpetastic news (is that offensive?), Keira Knightley has signed on to join the developing biographical drama The Imitation Game, joining fellow charming Briton Benedict Cumberbatch, as reported by Variety.

The project (which, you’ve got to admit, has the most Britishy-sounding title since The Draughtsman’s Contract) will focus on the life and work of the United Kingdom’s own Alan Turing, a mathematical genius who proved a hero to the Allied Forces during World War II but was persecuted by his own country due to his homosexuality. The great Cumberbatch is playing Turing while Knightley’s role is as of yet unspecified.

But we can bet it’ll be a pleasure, at the very least, to listen to.

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