Keira Knightley Joins Chris Pine in ‘Jack Ryan’

ALTWell, it looks like Keira Knightley didn’t quite die at the end of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World because she’s back with another movie role. According to the Hollywood Reporter she signed on to Paramount’s Jack Ryan with Chris Pine as her costar. I don’t blame you, sister. I wouldn’t mind barking up that tree myself!

Knightley was chosen by director Kenneth Branaugh over Lost-ie Evengeline Lilly and Felicity Jones (yeah, I had to IMDb her too) to star in this hopeful franchise. What isn’t a hopeful franchise these days? The movie is about a Jack Ryan (duh) an ex-military type living in Moscow who uncovers a plot to destroy the U.S. economy. Um, didn’t the banks already try to do that for themselves? Anyway, he must save the country and his wife (Knightley) before he is killed by evil baddies. Is this Jack Ryan or Jack Bauer, the long-awaited 24 movie?

If you don’t remember, Jack Ryan is the hero from the Tom Clancy novels who has been played by a punch of different people including Alec Baldwin (when he was skinny), Harrison Ford (when he was young), and Ben Affleck (when he was Bennifer). He’s like James Bond except American. And, you know, not as successful. Maybe his luck is about to change!

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