Keira Knightley to Do Her Own Great Gatsby with ‘The Other Typist’

We can hear the 1920s roar once more.

Its dull name aside, The Other Typist has a good deal to be excited about. Keira Knightley is set to star in and produce the 1920s New York City-set drama, which is an adaption of Suzanne Rindell’s novel of the same name, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition, Fox Searchlight has snagged the rights to the flick.

Rindell’s novel focuses on an introverted typist for the NYPD, Rose Baker (Knightley), who befriends a gorgeous yet eerie Odalie, who drags her into the dazzling and risqué, but highly illegal, world of speakeasies in the hip 1920s New York City scene as Baker simultaneously keeps up her job for the police force. It sure sounds like a lot of key typing and alcohol guzzling.

While the film is still brewing under the careful watch of Searchlight production’s team, our minds go to another recent 1920s New York-set novel adaptation: The Great Gatsby. Is Knightley’s picture riding on the coat tails of the Baz Luhrmann picture? Will it surpass or pale in comparison? Our homeboy Jay is King of the Roaring ’20s, after all.

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