Kerry Washington Takes the Female Lead in ‘Django Unchained’


Kerry WashingtonThere’s only so many times America can proclaim how excited it is about a developing movie before it just becomes redundant. With every casting addition to Django Unchained—when Jamie Foxx got on board, when Leonardo DiCaprio joined, when Samuel L. Jackson became attached, when Christoph Waltz jumped in, when Don Johnson found his way onset, when Gerald McRaney’s name popped up in production, when still-potential rumors about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kurt Russell materialized—we have celebrated wildly the promise of this Quentin Tarantino slavery-era Western. And now that Kerry Washington has been given the lead female role of Django’s wife, Broomhilda, we must resist throwing yet another fiesta.

This is not because Washington does not deserve it. She most certainly does. She has proven to be a superb actress, and more than capable at maintaining a palpable chemistry with Foxx (the two played masterfully a suffering ouple in Ray). It’s simply a matter of self-respect. There are likely to be even more actors and actresses attached to this film; many of them are likely to be brilliant choices. But we can no longer make such a tiresome spectacle over what will most probably be an avalanche of cinematic pathos.

I apologize, Ms. Washington. You truly do deserve the parade I am denying you. But if we get any more riled up about this movie, we won’t have the energy left to actually see it when it comes out. So, regarding your arrival to the cast, I suggest nothing beyond a dignified, quiet rager. Three days, tops. I’m sorry, Ms. Washington. But it will have to do.

Washington’s character, Broomhilda, will be the drivign force of Django’s (Foxx) expedition. Django sets out with a German bounty hunter (Waltz) to rescue his wife from the clutches of the despicable slaveowner Calvin Candie (DiCaprio), at his haunting, hedonistic ranch, Candieland.

Source: Deadline