Kevin Bacon In Talks to Play ‘X-Men’ Villain

ALTThe X-Men: First Class casting process will not slow down for you, or for me, or for anyone.  Now we are hearing that the illustrious Kevin Bacon (of Footloose fame) has been made an offer to play the unnamed villain in the Matthew Vaughn-directed prequel/reboot, and is currently in talks with 21st Century Fox.

If Bacon joins the roster for First Class, he’ll be in good company with the likes of James McAvoy (Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Alice Eve (Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee), and Lucas Till (Havoc).

I’m sure this announcement has people turning heads (‘Kevin Bacon’ is not a name we hear too often in Hollywood, and yet he has a sort of je ne sais quoi cachet), but I think Bacon could be perfect for this feature’s villain.  Look at that picture of him!  Observe his sallow face, the surly demeanor (in this picture at least!), the high cheekbones and thin lips.  He really is aging just perfectly for a villainous turn.

Source: Deadline