Kevin Durand To Play Another Hard-Ass In ‘Cosmopolis’

Kevin DurandSurprise, surprise! Kevin Durand (you’ve seen him before if you don’t recognize the name) is in final talks to play Robert Pattinson’s Chief of Security in Cosmopolis. Still can’t remember Durand? He was Keamy in Lost and the Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He was also in Robin Hood, but you probably didn’t watch that. So once again, Durand will be playing a guy that can and probably will kick your ass. Pattinson, on the other hand, will play some rich dude who bets his entire fortune on the Yen on a particular grueling day. David Cronenberg is writing and directing the flick based on the Don DeLillo book.

Come to think of it, anyone still pissed at Durand/Keamy for what he did to Alex on Lost? Yeah, me too. That jerk!

Source: Variety