Kevin Smith Plans Horror Movie

Comedy director Kevin Smith is planning an abrupt change in direction with his next movie – he is making a horror film.

The Clerks film-maker has built his name with a series of funny movies, but feels the time is right to try his hand at a different genre.

However, Smith admits his horror film will contain laughs as well. He tells Web site AintItCoolNews, “I feel after seven comedies it’s time to take a left turn and do a straight up different movie, in this case horror.

“Its gonna have all of the horror you’d expect, blood and guts… and tits. No, no, no, not that, I’m talking about man tits. What? What’s so bad about man tits? I have tits! They’re sexy! And hairy.

“But, yeah, I’m doing a horror movie. (It won’t be made) for a year or two. I just got done making a movie, I’m not rushing into another. Probably two years.”

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