Kid Cudi, Adrian Grenier, and Ben McKenzie Unite in Apocalyptic ‘Goodbye World’ Trailer

From World War Z to This Is the End, there is certainly no shortage of apocalypse movies this summer. Now you can add Goodbye World to the mix. This dramatic film by Dennis Hennelly will premiere on Saturday at the Los Angeles Film Festival, but in the meantime, a trailer for the movie has just been released. 

Starring Adrian Grenier and Argo‘s Kerry Bishé, Goodbye World tells the story of a wealthy couple who have moved out into the countryside to raise their family. After a mysterious cyber attack threatens modern society, their house becomes a retreat for all of their old college friends from Stanford University. It isn’t exactly a blissful reunion, however, as the dire circumstances create tension and old conflicts reemerge.

Credit: Gather Films

The Goodbye World trailer, which is more accurately just a clip from the movie, shows the old college friends gathered around the dinner table discussing survival plans and what they will miss most about the old world. As you may have noticed, the movie also stars Kid Cudi in his first feature length film role, and Ryan Atwood himself (known in the real world as Ben McKenzie). And Gaby Hoffman? Is that you? We feel like we haven’t seen you since Sleepless in Seattle!

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