Kid ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Lands Lead In ‘Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close’

Tom HornI’ll be honest, I watch a lot of Jeopardy! That sentence wasn’t supposed to have so much excitement at the end, but that’s what happens when you watch a lot of Jeopardy! Anyway, the one time I don’t like the program is when they have the kids version because the questions are easier and who likes a smart kid?

Apparently Stephen Daldry does as he cast kid Jeopardy! champ Thomas Horn as the lead in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, in which he will co-star alongside Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Horn’s character discovers a key after his father dies in 9/11 and sets off to find the lock that it belongs to. As much as I rag on the kids of Jeopardy! Horn made a pretty ballsy bet of $12,000 on the final Jeopardy! question to win it all. He’s got my mark.

Source: Deadline