The Iconic ‘Kids’ Movie Gets A New Documentary

KidsShining Excalibur Pictures via Everett Collection

Arguably one of the most important films of the ’90s and definitely one of the most important films about young people and sex, Kids was released almost two decades ago and people still can’t stop talking about it. For this reason, it’s exciting to learn that one of the young actors from the iconic movie is now preparing to release his own documentary about his experience—and the experiences of the other cast members—on and off the set. Hamilton Harris taught us all how to roll a blunt back in 1995, but now he’s got another story to tell.

Hamilton recently gave an interview to VICE and talked about much of the behind-the-scenes drama (and trauma) that went along with filming Kids. He plans to expose and address these things with a focus on the lives of the young skaters whose stories were not fully explored in the film, or the many projects that surrounded it later. The death of one of his co-stars, Harold Hunter, also played a role in the inspiration behind the forthcoming documentary. Original cast members including Chloe Sevigny, and Kids director Larry Clark are also involved.