Keira Knightley Stars in Karl Lagerfeld’s Gorgeous Movie About the Early Days of Chanel

Credit: Chanel 

When you hear the phrase “Once Upon a Time…” you think that you’re about to listen to a fairy tale, not a documentary. But this new 18-minute (OK, 14-minute with credits) film (OK, commercial for Chanel) by Karl Lagerfeld is sort of both.

We see the start of the legendary fashion house Lagerfeld designs for as a hat shop in Deauville in 1913. Keira Knightley, one of Unkle Karl’s favorite muses, plays the designer (and does a much better job delivering her lines than the steel-jawed models in the other roles). But it’s not all history, it’s a sumptuous black and white feast of amazingly detailed outfits, outrageous hats, and more pearls than you will see on all of the Upper East Side society ladies at all their lunches all year. Check it out below: 


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