Killer Cast of ‘Serena’ Includes Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer LawrenceOne fended for her young siblings after her meth-addict father disappeared, leaving them all without money or secure ownership of their decrepit family home. The other guy drunk and stole a cop car. Together, they will build an empire. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, costars in the upcoming dramedy The Silver Linings Playbook, will unite for another developing project: Serena.

The film, to be adapted by Susanne Bier from a novel by Ron Rash, follows a newlywed couple who ruthlessly undertake the construction of a timber empire in North Carolina. Drama is inspired by wife Serena’s (Lawrence) jealousy regarding husband George’s (Cooper) illegitimate son, whom she plots to destroy. It’s a pretty dark tale—but darkness is nothing that the Winter’s Bone star isn’t experienced with. However, this might be a new turn for Cooper, who is more recognized for his work in comedy. Yes, he’s playing the Devil come June, but still. Lucifer knows his way around shtick.

Individually, each has carried his weight—Lawrence to a profound degree. Her upcoming gig in The Hunger Games isn’t likely to disappoint, either. But we’ll have to see how well these two work off one another in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings…but bear in mind, they won’t always have the fail safe buffer of Chris Tucker.

Source: Vulture