‘Killing Season': John Travolta Sports a Freaky Beard and Hunts Robert De Niro

Thought John Travolta’s facial hair in Tony Scott’s remake of The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 couldn’t be topped in terms of sheer freakiness? Think again. In Killing Season, from Mark Steven Johnson (the director of such latter-day classics as Daredevil and Ghost Rider), he rocks what could be a closely-cropped Amish beard as a former commando for the Serbian Army who’s still nursing a grudge against Uncle Sam for America’s intervention in the ’90s Bosnian War. 

Credit: Millennium Films

And who is the personification of the U.S. military-industrial-complex who Bearded Travolta decides to target? Robert De Niro! They cross paths on a backwoods hunting trip, which ends up with Bearded Travolta hunting De Niro. It’s a little bit Most Dangerous Game, a little bit The Edge. Taste that primal rage in the new trailer! 

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