Kim Kardashian Will Star in Tyler Perry’s ‘The Marriage Counselor’

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is, among all else, a brand. You hear about a Kim Kardashian TV show/movie/wedding, you expect a very Kim Kardashian experience. Tyler Perry is, too, a brand. Your quintessential Tyler Perry movie is something with which we are all more or less familiar. So what happens when two brands come together within one medium? What might this collaboration produce? Will there be a happy melding, or a jagged contradiction? We’ll just have to see.

Perry’s new film, The Marriage Counselor, has recently added Kardashian to its cast. The film centers around a marriage counselor (that’s the twist) who undergoes her own relationship struggles and begins an extramarital affair (oh, that’s the twist). Kardashian will reportedly play the titular character’s coworker.

So what might Kim Kardashian plus Tyler Perry equal? And for that matter, what will the socialite bring to the table as an actress? Her on camera roles not playing herself are few and far between. Those include her Disaster Movie appearance, her stints on Beyond the Break and CSI: NY, and a movie called Deep in the Valley, which makes me weep, “Why, Chris Pratt, why?”

But who knows what this new concoction of Perry’s melancholic working man struggles and Kardashian’s volcanic notoriety will bring?

Source: EW