King Kong Finds New Life At Fox Animation

King Kong Finds New Life At Fox Animation

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Jessica Lange stars in "King Kong"

King KongI guess King Kong is one of those characters who’ll continually have his story retold until the end of time, because now, Fox Animation wants to take a crack at the giant ape. That’s right, the two films from 1933, the crossover with Godzilla from 1962, the one with a Mechani-Kong from 1967, the Jeff Bridges one from 1976, the Linda Hamilton one from 1986, and the 2005 version starring Jack Black and directed by epic-guru Peter Jackson weren’t enough. Clearly, we need an animated movie about the overgrown ape. Clearly.

Not only will Fox’s version be animated, but they’re adding another tiny twist: the movie is told from the ape’s perspective. Duhn-duhn-duhn. Is this going to be a kinder-gentler Kong? Will we have a better understanding about how it’s hard out there for a giant, hairy animal? Are we going to see what he writes in his giant ape diary? Okay, I’m getting a little carried away, but you get the point.

Black Listers Christian Magalhes and Bob Snow (Murder of a Cat) are set to put a modern spin on the story based on Mike Weber’s version. So, maybe it will be a very touching tale of courage in the face of little tiny people who just don’t understand. Just please, please don’t make it a talking ape. PLEASE.

Source: Deadline