Kirsten Dunst Joins ‘Red Light Winter,’ Starring Mark Ruffalo and Billy Crudup

Kirsten DunstAnother in a great mass of “old friends reuniting” movies is underway, and this one has a cast that will thrill anyone who loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘s B-Story. Mark Ruffalo and Billy Crudup have been signed onto Red Light Winter for some time, and news is that Kirsten Dunst is joining the duo to star in the film.

Red Light Winter is the story of two old friends (presumably Ruffalo and Crudup) who have chaotic run-in with an Amsterdam promstitude (presumably Dunst) after heading to the notorious Dutch capital attempting to reconnect and distance themselves from the miseries of their mid-thirties. It seems pretty indie, considering the plot, cast and source material—a play by Adam Rapp—which is to say that it sounds interesting and intropective.

Plus, the exploration of Amsterdam in a way not entirely ensconced by goofy marijuana jokes is rare for Hollywood. We should be excited to see some of the darker, more severe and artistic vantage points of the rich but haunting city.

Note: Red Light Winter has absolutely nothing to do with Spike Lee’s developing Red Hook Summer. But it should.

Source: Indiewire