Kristen Stewart & Julia Roberts Offered Roles In Rival ‘Snow White’ Films

Kristen StewartOk, we’ve got two stories for you today – all for the price of one! We have the basic casting announcement of Kristen Stewart and Julia Roberts being offered parts in Snow White and the Huntsman and The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, respectively, which is great if you are particularly attached to either of those actresses. I would actually like to see both of these movies: Stewart’s because I don’t think she’s had the time or part to showcase her talents (which I do think she has) and Roberts’ because Tarsem Singh is directing. He’s an incredibly stunning visual director and I think his take on the classic fairy tale would be gorgeous. But the other, more interesting story here is the articles that announce the news.

Last night, Deadline got all hot and bothered when The Hollywood Reporter said they had an exclusive on the Kristen Stewart story. Now Deadline, being the egotistical writers they are, threw up their painfully embarrassing TOLDJA! feature saying they had reported exclusively on that subject last week. Then later this morning, they report the same thing as Vulture did (that Julia Roberts had been cast). Now if you follow the links from Deadline, you see that they do actually have an exclusive on their stories. But that’s the thing. What THR and Vulture are reporting are new stories that they HAD exclusives on. Deadline saying Kristen Stewart was on a casting list was an exclusive. THR saying she’s in negotiations is an exclusive. Being on a “casting list” and “in negotiations” are two different stories and Deadline cares about this exclusiveness so much that they’re willing to sound like babies, attack their rivals, and shove their foot in their mouth by being wrong. Seems like even Hollywood writers (specifically Deadline, the others are more relaxed about it) can’t even escape the ego consuming culture of the business.

Source: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter , Vulture