Kristen Stewart Peeved at “Off-Screen Chemistry” Question

It’s organized pandemonium in San Diego as New Moon dominates the first day of the 2009 Comic-Con convention.

Previously unseen footage from the wildly anticipated New Moon will be presented this afternoon by director Chris Weitz. The rumor is that the clip will be 20 minutes long. As more than 3,000 fans lined up early this morning to get into “The Con’s” massive Hall H for the event, I headed to the nearby Hilton for a morning press conference featuring the holy trinity of New Moon-ers, Taylor LautnerKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

With her lank black hair and dark eyeliner, Stewart was in full Joan Jett mode. Pattinson wore flannel and looked a touch bedraggled, per his usual. Lautner sat in the middle of the two and looked the most bright-eyed and rested of the group. And he smiled more.

Pattinson confirmed that his music would not appear on the New Moon soundtrack. Both Pattinson and Stewart remarked that New Moon is their favorite of The Twilight Saga.

The three also dished on their favorite scenes to film, with Pattinson commenting that his smaller role in the movie made the filming feel more like “a three-month vacation” than a job.

The conference’s tensest moment came when a rogue journalist asked if the actors: “Was there the same chemistry off-screen as on-screen?” Looking visibly unnerved, Stewart only said, “Are you kidding me?” before moving on to the next question.

There was much intense eye contact between Stewart and Pattinson. From my spot in the third row, the chemistry between the two was palpable. Or maybe they were having a staring contest.

I’m currently sitting in Hall H, where Johnny Depp just showed up to unveil Alice in Wonderland footage with Tim Burton, waiting for the New Moon segment to start. The place is dominated by Twilight fans. I’ll update on all things New Moon via Twitter during Weitz’s panel discussion.

Check back later today, when will post the complete press conference transcript, along with video and dreamy photos!

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