Kristen Wiig, Elijah Wood and Others Attached to ‘Revenge for Jolly!’

Elijah WoodYou can stop caring about everything else. This is the only thing that matters now. A project unparalleled in promise. The film that will define—nay, change entirely the state of the world as it stands. Revenge for Jolly! The story of a man avenging the death of his presumably murdered dog.

The film will be director Chadd Harbold‘s first feature. It will also be the first project set forth by the Atlas Independent company. It will also be the first film to make you understand the meaning of life. But the concept does not stand alone here. Although it could. It’s brilliant. The real prize is the cast.

The star is Brian Petsos, who is also the writer and producer of the film. Now, you’re probably thinking, “What the harbold? You just said that the cast is where this movie shines! I’ve never even heard of this Brian Petsos!” First of all, start hearing of him. He’s a hilarious comic actor/writer who has had roles in about a dozen short films as well as in MacGruber and Bridesmaids—both starring Kristen Wiig, you might notice, whom Petsos is also dating. But we’ll bridle our envy for a second and focus on the positives: Kristen Wiig is also in this movie.

Yes, Kristen Wiig will grace this independent film with her typhoon of performative platinum. And she’s not the only good news. Others in the cast include Elijah Wood (who it seems has sort of a thing for quirky, dog-related dark comedies now), 1990s hero Ryan Philippe, thespian overlord Kevin Corrigan, the Seth Coheniest actor in television history Adam Brody, the indomitably badass Oscar Isaacs, Saturday Night Live‘s laughter-cannon Bobby Moynihan, the omnipresent TV star Garret Dillahunt, and (prepare for joy, Community fans) the superpowered comedy/drama actress, Gillian Jacobs.

So, take that all in. Consider the creativity of the story. The remarkability of the cast. The profundity of the entire project. This movie will be directly responsible for world peace.

Source: Indiewire