Five Reasons Why Ashton Kutcher Is Unfit To Play Steve Jobs

For some reason, Ashton Kutcher just will not go away. First he takes over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, then he’s hosting another version of Punk’d on MTV (as if the first wasn’t enough!), and now he’s playing Steve Jobs in the recently released Jobs. Sure the first two are well within his limited wheelhouse, but Steve Jobs? Here are five reasons why Kutcher is unfit to play Apple’s late co-founder.

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He Played an Idiot on TV

As Kelso on That 70s Show, Kutcher showed audiences just how dimwitted a sitcom character could be. Jobs, on the other hand, completely reimagined the possibilities technology could have on our day-to-day lives as the CEO of Apple. Let’s just call it a disconnect.

He Was in Dude Where’s My Car?

While Kutcher was off playing a dude looking for his car way back in 2000, Jobs was inventing a little known device called the iPod. Dude, where’s my brain?

He Created Punk’d

Kutcher took the tired Candid Camera  format and remade it as Punk’d, while Jobs reinvented the standard cellphone and gave us the iPhone. That’s kind of the same thing, right?

What Has He Really Done?

Just Married, Killers, The Butterfly Effect, What Happens in Vegas. Remember any of these movies? That’s because Kutcher starred in all of them! Seriously, aside from having a minor resemblance, Kutcher is about as qualified to play Jobs as that loveable creature known only as ALF (gone but not forgotten?).

The Dude’s Constantly On Twitter!

You know why Steve Jobs wasn’t firing off Tweets every five seconds about the tuna fish sandwich he had for lunch? Because he was too busy changing the world! 

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