Kwanten, Zahn, Dinklage and Pudi Are The ‘Knights Of Badassdom’

ALTRyan Kwanten, Steve Zahn and Danny Pudi will be joining Peter Dinklage in the awesomely-named horror-comedy Knights Of Badassdom. The film, directed by Joe Lynch, will follow the adventures of a group of LARPers (Live Action Role Players) who accidentally summon an actual demon from a spell book they bought on eBay. Kwanten, best known for his role as dim-witted sex god Jason on True Blood, described the film as “sort of a comedy… like Shaun of the Dead meets Role Models.”

I can’t even start to explain how glad I am to hear about an actual original comedy film when all week we’ve been buried in remake news. They’re even assembling a really interesting cast! And I do mean actually “interesting”, not “interesting” like you say when you find out that they’re making a Les Grossman movie or konsidering Kim Kardashian for Tomb Raider. (You see what I’ve been dealing with all week?!) Danny Pudi is consistently the best part of the already hilarious Community, and Steve Zahn has been charming me all season as the buffoonish musician Davis on Treme. And Peter Dinklage can be great, as long as he has a role beyond just being angry and short. As for a downside, a film with a concept this unusual might have a difficult time finding an audience. Let’s hope that the ad department rolls for charisma.

For those who don’t know what LARPing is, this video should give you an idea. A sad, sad idea.

Source: Cinema Blend