What to Expect from ‘Nymphomaniac’


Cinema’s most controversial filmmaker Lars Von Trier is back with Nymphomaniac, a two-part, four-hour film that many are describing as a cerebral sex odyssey. Judging from the various clips and posters, the film intends to shock and provoke the viewer with its frank depiction of sexuality. However, it’s also the work of a brilliant artist whose contribution to cinema cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re familiar with the Danish filmmaker’s work or are curious to jump on the bandwagon now, below is a list of things to expect from Nymphomaniac to ensure that you are prepared for its VOD release on March 6.

It’s sexual, duh

The title, trailers, and posters aren’t misleading: Nymphomaniac is a graphic film about sexuality. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it bears repeating in case anyone had doubts. However, it should be noted that the film isn’t pornographic, and those who have seen The Idiots or Antichrist will be able to handle it.

It’s made for the art-house crowd

Sex sells and the film’s marketing campaign has gone viral, but moviegoers interested in mainstream entertainment should look elsewhere. Nymphomaniac, like Von Trier’s other films, is a challenging, confrontational work that forces the viewer to contemplate deep themes. If that isn’t your thing, you’ve been warned.

The actors aren’t actually having sex

Although some of the sex scenes look extremely real, Von Trier had the body parts of pornography actors digitally composited onto the body parts of the film’s cast. So if you were hoping to see Uma Thurman get it on with Shia LaBeouf, you’re going to be disappointed.

The film will be released on demand

Those who would rather watch the film in private are in luck, as are the art-house lovers who don’t live in a major city. On March 6, Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 will be on demand, and on March 21, the film will be released in selected theaters. Nymphomaniac: Volume II will be on demand on April 3, and in selected theaters on April 18.

Early word of mouth is positive

Whether you’re a lover of cinema or a Lars Von Trier fanatic, you can rest knowing that critics so far are praising Nymphomaniac, with some even suggesting that it’s Von Trier’s best film. This is especially reassuring for those who worried that Von Trier would forgo artistic expression for cheap provocation.

Are you excited to see Nymphomaniac? Let us know what you think below.