Check Out Morgan Freeman Super Drunk in ‘Last Vegas’ Trailer

Credit: CBS Films

Forget the Hangover boys, there is an older set of gentlemen in Vegas who really know how to party. In the new trailer for Last Vegas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Kline throw Michael Douglas a bachelor party in the City of Lights. While there aren’t any tiger or baby thefts (that we know of yet) in Last Vegas, it’s clear that these guys are gearing up for a wild night… with Freeman getting an early lead on the drunken misadventures. In the trailer, we see the men head to a club, but it doesn’t seem like Freeman does too well sipping on Red Bulls and vodka. The man with the famously dignifed voice gets a little sloppy in this video. We’ve seen him play the president a million times, but this is a lot more fun!

Last Vegas hits theaters Nov. 1.

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