‘Lay the Favorite, Take The Dog’ Nabs Willis, Eyes Timberlake and Zeta-Jones

Justin TimberlakeI like these odds. (That’s a cheap shot, but I’m okay with it if you are.) Bruce Willis has already signed to star in Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog, a sports-gambling movie about Dink, a downward drifting professional gambler, and hot on his heels are two other big names. Both Justin Timberlake and Catherine Zeta-Jones are being courted to take a few supporting roles in the film based on Beth Raymer’s memoirs, who served as Dink’s assistant when she first moved to Las Vegas. The film comes to us from Stephen Frears and is supposed to have a similar tone to his adaptation of High Fidelity.

Focus Features is aiming to nab Timberlake for the role of Rosie, a bookmaker from Long Island who apprenticed Raymer (who is set to be played by the lovely Rebecca Hall) and Zeta-Jones is eying a part as Dink’s wife, Tulip. It’s no wonder Focus is rushing this process forward, filming is set to begin in April. It’s quite an interesting bunch of actors that are being clumped together here, but I think it will make for an interesting, comical look at the underbelly of the underbelly (so to speak) of the gambling world.

Source: NY Mag