Lea Michele May Make Movie Debut In ‘New Year’s Eve’

Lea MicheleEverything’s coming up rosy for Glee star Lea Michele – well, except for all that backlash surrounding her racy photos in GQ, but that’s no big deal. After she and her fellow Gleeks got to relish in the fact that they beat out the Beatles for the most Billboard Top 100 hits, now Michele is on the cusp of signing her first big movie role.

She’s really pulling a Taylor Swift here, joining an ensemble cast full of big name stars just like Swift did in Valentine’s Day. Oh, and guess what, it’s actually Garry Marshall’s follow-up to that movie, New Year’s Eve. The rumors are still flying as to who will return from the first film – Swift’s name being a chief topic – but we can expect new stars to mingle with some of the original set.

New Year’s Eve will be out just in time for the last few precious moments of 2011 and will take place in New York instead of Los Angeles. Perhaps Lea won’t have to stretch that far out of her comfort zone – maybe she’ll play an aspiring Broadway actress? I’m guessing she won’t be happy if she’s not in some sort of spotlight. And honestly, if she doesn’t sing, I don’t know that I’d be that interested in seeing her in anything. Have you seen her acting on Glee? It’s campy, melodramatic, and grating. Maybe that’s just her character on the show and I certainly hope so. Even though each character only gets a tiny bit of screen time in these ensemble flicks, an obnoxious performance can kill it stone dead (if you don’t believe, just check out the damage George Lopez did in Valentine’s Day).

Source: ComingSoon, MTV