Lee Pace Joins ‘The Hobbit!’

Lee PaceGenerally, at this point in a film’s production we’re sick of casting news, but it’s not everyday that Lee Pace joins The Hobbit. The actor has joined the epic cast as the Elven King Thrandull, who we assume is a king that is Elvish and named Thrandull. We could be bothered scroll through The Hobbit to find out exactly who this Elven king is, but we’re honestly so nose deep in Game of Thrones that sinking our teeth into another fantasy book (albeit a book we have read, mind you) just doesn’t seem that appealing.

Anyway, great news! Pace is a terrific actor and while we’re sure this is going to be a great movie, we have had a bit of overexposure threatening to take hold, despite the fact that the movie is still a year and a half away. We’re ahead of the curve like that. Also it’s funny how Peter Jackson only mentions Pace’s work in The Fall. I would’ve thought his work in Marmaduke would have been worthy of a mention.

Finally, remember the news from a while ago about some actor leaving the film? Of course you don’t. But, just know that it happened and they replaced him! Dean O’Gorman has stepped up to fill the role of the dwarf Fili, who we’re assuming is one of the many dwarfs who accompany Bilbo on his journey. All is well in the land of Middle Earth!

Source: Coming Soon